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Home Business Exposure On Yahoo!

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Everyone who has ever been on the internet has heard of Yahoo! If you havenít, then quit reading and go visit now. Yahoo is such a popular site that my website ranking toolbar from Alexa shows a number ď1Ē under website rankingÖthatís popular. So it would probably be a good idea to get some exposure on Yahoo! for your home business.

Here is a great way to get in at the beginning of a trend. If youíve never heard of a podcast, then you should definitely get up to speed on what they are. In brief, they are archived audio files usually in mp3 format that you can download into your player such as an iPod. Hosting those files is called podcasting. People can listen to you whenever it is convenient for them.

Podcasting is in its infancy as of late 2005. Yes, there are a lot of podcasts, but users are very few compared to the total number of internet and iPod users. So how does Yahoo! fit in? Well, one of the things about podcasts is that they have usually been hard to find or search for. None of the major search engines had done much with them as of this writing.

Enter Yahoo! You can now go to http://podcasts.yahoo.com and search for whatever you want. Many of the podcasts are vocal in nature such as instruction or the old teaching tapes. Here is your opportunity Ė home business is a very frequently searched topic on any search engine, so it is only a matter of time until it is frequently searched on the Yahoo! podcast site as well. You can get traffic to your site by making your own podcasts and submitting them to a site that Yahoo! searches such as iPodder.

There probably wonít be an incredible amount of competition for your home business for some time. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to be a step ahead and be seen as an expert. You will be an expert by the time everyone else figures out that they should get into podcasting too. There is a great article on how to get started in podcasting at the website http://www.MCPromotionsPress.com

This time in podcasting is like the times in the mid 90ís when you could easily get great search engine ranking with just a little effort. Your home business can get some great exposure - Donít miss the ride!

About the Author: Ron LeBlanc, PE spent 20+ years in science and engineering when woke up to his true potential and began working from home. He lives in Boulder, CO and works out of his home. He enjoys helping other people learn to do home based businesses. Get his tip-filled newsletter and some special offers at http://www.be-do-have.com

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