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Walk that walk then talk that talk...speaking to promote your work at home business

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Walk that walk then talk that talk...speaking to promote your work
at home business

Now I know that most stay at home mom's, work at home
business owners and even SMB owners might think there is no
way in heck you got time to run a business, work out of your
home, keep a home clean and then find time to do free public
speaking in front of a group of people. I can already read
the emails questioning my sanity and if I took my medication
today - maybe. Free public speaking.

Actually this article is not for all stay at home moms, work
at home business owners and SMB owners...if your
comfortable. Free public speaking takes preparation.

If your not comfortable, then read on and hold on tight. If
you would one day like to sit in a real corner office on the
3rd floor of the building and the 3rd floor could still be
on top of your home...read on. This is about a tool that can
be used to promote your business and the general idea of
promoting your business is too attract more clients, get
more people knocking on your door and calling you on the
phone instead of vice versa. Public speaking in DFW to
promote your work at home business can do just that...read

Please, please number ONE rule in public speaking in DFW
metroplex is be prepared! When you are in front of a
business group a speech for this particular audience,
charities a new speech for their audience, networking
organizations - different speech. You need to have a speech
catered to your audience or they may not know what in the
heck you are talking about and you will not get invited

Besides the right speech and the right attitude, have in
hand the following - business cards, survey forms - "What
did you think of the speaker or subject" "other topics you
would like to hear in free public speaking", request for
more information sheets, and newsletters - if you have an
electronic newsletter the subscribe to our newsletter forms.
If you have a website then at the top and bottom of any form
or business card have a url-link to a copy of your speech,
unless you don't really want the additional traffic.

Public speaking places you in front of an audience of people
who may need your services or know people that need your
services. Sending letters to different organizations to
inform them that you give free public speaking engagements
is the best way to get appointments and increase
opportunities to deliver your presentation. Our group has
always come away from free public speaking engagements with
4 or more positive leads.

Now go for it - and send us an email telling us about your
results to publish in our upcoming AWISMB class -
for learning about wireless technology.

About the Author

Daviyd Peterson: 10-year consultant, instructor, trainer
Helps african american SMBs bridge the digital divide by
going wireless. Free article on Home Wireless Internet
Security and other related articles
http://www.mogendaviydtechgroup.com/firewallsmb.htm See a
video where big time firewalls duke it out!


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