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Avoiding Common Work at Home Business Pitfalls
Not everything works for everyone, everytime, so understanding how to avoid certain work at home business pitfalls can keep you from relying too heavily on methods used by other companies that may not work for you. Know your own business needs to...
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Customer Service in Your Home Based Business - It Can Make or Break You
Have you ever been shopping and the salesperson ignored you? How did it make you feel to receive such poor customer service? Most people would say that they would never return to the store. Poor customer service can cost you more than clients, but...
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Young Man's Love of Mail Order Turns into a VERY Profitable Home Business

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Young Man's Love of Mail Order Turns into a VERY Profitable Home-Based Business
Young Man's Love of Mail Order Turns into a VERY Profitable Home-Based Business

Even as a first-grader Anthony R Carroll's loved ordering products by mail. He would have his mother help him order small toys & magic tricks in the back of comic books, children magazines and cereal boxes. He enjoyed everything from the cutting out and filling out of little order forms to eagerly waiting for the Postal Worker to arrive with his small parcel inhand. As a teenager he began to earn a nice part-time income purchasing and reselling coins, stamps and seeds that he purchased through mail order catalogs. He later realized that the thrill he received when his packages arrived was a universal feeling that most people experienced. In his mid-20's Anthony stumbled upon two books that would help change his life forever by inspiring him to really go all out in a mail order business of his own. They were "How to Get Rich in Mail Order" by Melvin Powers, and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill. These authors provided him with the much needed motivation and courage to help him steam along and persist when things got tough. He had a hunger to learn more and more about business and the mechanics of marketing. Anthony's appetite for learning caused him to read hundreds of books, on business, sales, marketing, motivation, self-help, etc. All of which have helped to improve his mail order and Internet operations. He also reads dozens of articles from the 12 inch stack of business magazines that he receives monthly! Anthony's secret to success in business or any financial endeavor can be summed up in 5 words:Reading - Learning - Motivating - Promoting - Profiting! He also believes that consistent advertising in the nation's leading business magazines and publications have helped grow his once "one-man home-based business venture" into a "global network" of 300+ independent book dealers, distributors and wholesalers! His informational products, books, and marketing experience has given many home-based entrepreneurs the chance to profit in a business of their own. Anthony's discovery and mastery of the Internet and e-commerce became a really turning point in his business because now he is able to reach an international audience for literally pennies per day! Please visit Anthony's websites: www.NationalBookSales.com & www.ZeoliteDepot.com

About the Author

A. R. Carroll, Writer/Successful Business Owner Please visit his Websites: www.NationalBookSales.com and www.ZeoliteDepot.com


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